18 April 2009

Well, I declare!*

*Note: best when said with a Southern accent.

It was three sheets of carbon copy glory: white, yellow, and pink pieces of paper, all clearly stating the same fantastic fact.

I am now an environmental engineering major!

MIT doesn't allow freshman to declare their major until the end of their first year (we're too busy taking the GIRs oftentimes, to worry about classes within our major just yet), and then all of a sudden in the middle of April you meet with your advisor and you're given a form where you just check a little box and that's all it takes to declare. Despite the fact that the form is clearly boring and the whole process is rather anticlimactic, it's still kind of exciting to think that now I'm officially going into environmental engineering, that I'm almost a sophomore, and that freshman year is nearly over!

B-T-Dubs: the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs is not half bad. I wish they had played some of this at some of the CPW parties I went to last night (all the frats throw dry parties for the prefrosh!), because it's boring when they play rap music the whole time - it all starts to sound the same. Bad DJs make me sad.

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