14 April 2009


I forget how I originally found this site, but it happened. Which is a good thing, because it is hilarious.

Breakfast At Sulimay's

Essentially, it's three... senior citizens... reviewing current indie rock and rap tracks. Ann is my favorite, not just because she dances along with the rap songs and throws gang signs, but also because at one point she says the song "I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie "f*cks with" her. All three reviewers are rather quirky, and their responses to the music are amusing. I also liked when Joe tells !!! (chk chk chk) to take more music lessons. If you like music, have a good sense of humor, and don't live under a rock (some of the music may be considered obscure by some - which means they should get out more), then you will probably appreciate this.

If you can, I also highly recommend checking out the Shepard Fairey exhibit that's at the ICA right now - it was fantastic!

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