07 April 2009


Yes, that time stamp is correct.

It's official, ladies and gentlemen! I have officially just pulled my first all-nighter here at MIT. There's really no point in me going to sleep before my 10 AM class. I've also set a personal record for number of hours spent in the Student Center Reading Room. My previous record was around seven hours, but I just upped it to ten.

While I am going to crash at some point today, I can crash easily, knowing that I am finally done with a massive paper! I can also crash easily knowing that I sent a million and two e-mails to people in a million different departments about transfer credit, declaring my major, and the like.

The most impressive part, though? I've managed to do all this and the only caffeine I've had in the last 36 hours has been a bottle of Coke. This is weird, because I am rather addicted to caffeine, have it all the time, and normally I need a lot more to even remotely feel the effects of it.

This can't be healthy.

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