12 December 2008

Studying Madness

Let me just put this out there:

I hate chemistry.

Really. It's ridiculous. I'm definitely making progress in re-learning this material for the final, but I still hate it. I only have until Tuesday to study, and suddenly this is a terrifyingly daunting task. I'm studying for three three-hour long tests right now, and the sheer weight of that has just hit me. I have SO MUCH TO DO!


Basically, I just need to study nonstop for the remainder of the weekend. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I have peanut butter blossom cookies to get me through the madness. I have seriously been eating them (and the Hershey's kisses left over because I bought a huge bag) in unhealthily large quantities all afternoon - this is what happens when you help your friends bake massive amounts of delicious cookies from scratch. They are unbelievably delicious...

Less than a week until I am home!!!


CometTastic said...

You can do it Brain!!! If I can survive finals week you can too! In complete honesty, triple check your building before leaving for the test. It's the worst thing to do to go to the wrong building. My brain is semi-fried but I'll send whatever left over Chemistry information I have stashed in there.

Good luck! Come back to Oregon soon (It's snowing in Corvallis right now)

Aditi said...

Good luck for the finals!

aah I wish I was going home :(