08 December 2008

A Dangerous Discovery

I just discovered something amazing/terrible.

Amazing because I love it.
Terrible because I discovered this right before finals.

I can watch Twin Peaks online.

This is almost as cool as discovering that I could have David Lynch tell me what the weather in LA is doing on a daily basis.

While I am really excited about this, there are several disappointing things about the whole situation:
  • I have to study for finals.
  • They don't have the pilot episode online, so if you don't know/remember what happened in that one, then you're kind of screwed.
  • The quality is terrible.
  • I have to study for finals some more.
  • I have to pass my finals with flying colors.
And because finals are coming up and I REALLY need to study, I probably won't be able to post until my last final is over on Wednesday the 17th. I really apologize for that, but I desperately need to pass.

So, more in a week or so!

1 comment:

Elisa Lehto said...

I blogged about you.
Let's just say, writing that blog made my whole week worth while.

Enjoy, friend.