21 December 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!

First: Kelsey-Pedia is exactly one year old! Well, as of yesterday. Also, this is the 100th post! whoo! It's kind of amazing that I've managed to keep this going for a year now, and it's looking like it'll be continuing into 2009!

Second: I am back in Oregon!

I am very lucky that I left when I did. I flew back on Thursday - if I had left just a day later, I would have been dealing with snow in Boston delaying flights, and snow in Oregon delaying flights. I don't know how excited I am to be back, though.

Why's that?

This was taken early this afternoon. We've been hit with a lot more snow since then. Essentially, I am snowed in. If we want to leave, we have to put chains on my dad's truck and plan for about an extra hour of travel time. So I'm stuck. Which really messes up my plans - I really wanted to see friends all over the Willamette Valley before I fly back in two weeks. I really wanted to go visit a few of my favorite places and eat some of my favorite food before going back to MIT. I just really need this damn snow to melt. And melt all the way - none of this melt-a-little-and-form-a-layer-of-ice-that-could-be-
and-bruise-your-shins crap.

Oh, and let's not forget the icing on the cake! We don't have power! Well, I guess that's a bit of a lie. My house has a propane-powered generator, so we have a couple of outlets that have power, and our refrigerator and well water pump have power. So I am currently hogging one of those outlets, using my laptop and the nifty little wireless internet card my dad got (right after I left for MIT! How cruel is that?). We also fortunately have a wood stove in part of the house, so we have the wonderfulness that is heat from a fire permeating through the house. This also means that I can flaunt my skills as a Girl Scout by making grilled cheese (perfect grilled cheese with Tillamook cheese, might I add... Oh, Tillamook cheese, how I have missed you...). I'm trying omelettes tomorrow morning for breakfast. Basically, I would have been a badass on the American frontier.

It's a strange feeling to not have work looming over my head. No p-sets? No papers? No upcoming tests? I don't know what to do with my time! I've been sleeping a lot. And sitting on Facebook way more than is healthy. I've also been reading, which I haven't done in a long time. I read all but about 20 pages of Watchmen in a day, and I have a huge stack of other books I need to finish. All while listening to excessive amounts of the Decemberists. (Who, by the way, have a new album coming out on March 24th that I am unbelievably excited for! And you should be too, because it will no doubt be amazing.) While it's nice to relax a little, I am actually excited for IAP and spring semester. I think I learned a lot about study skills over the course of the last term (looking back, I had zero study skills before MIT) and I'd like the chance to prove that I can use them and be successful at MIT. Because now I actually think I can do really really well at MIT. And I suddenly have to motivation to do so. Maybe I just needed to shake the senioritis from high school? Who knows... Regardless, I am excited to get back and get started. Plus, I really miss MIT in general. I think I realize just how much I love the place when I'm somewhere else. Being stuck at home means I'm relegated to AIM conversations with people, and texting or calling them. Which isn't bad, but simply doesn't replace walking across the hall (or Briggs field) to hang out with friends and be with people. I also miss the stress (weird, I know... but I thrive on stress) and having something definite to do every day. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to be home. I've really missed the people and places here, but it's pretty exciting to have fallen in love with a place that you've made a conscious decision to go to.

I'll make sure to post more about my adventures (or lack thereof) over winter break. Next possible chance for misadventure: I have to go to Salem tomorrow for an eye appointment, and I desperately need to go (things are getting fuzzy, even with the glasses on!). Tomorrow's going to be a long day. And pictures of the snow madness will be coming soon!

Good luck to all of you in Oregon dealing with the snow and ice, and happy holidays to everyone!

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