23 December 2008

Say Cheese!

My dear and faithful readers, I have a question for you.

Do I exploit the Tillamook Cheese fan club website?

I suppose I should explain. See, in my last post, I described my experience with making a grilled cheese sandwich using Tillamook Cheese. I believe I described the bread and cheese combination as "perfect." Going through my sitemeter statistics this morning, I discovered something.

That thing off on the sidebar that looks like a speech bubble? The link at the top of it?

A link to my blog.

A few more people (okay, two so far) have visited my blog because of this link from the Tillamook Cheese fan club website.

So, do I exploit this? Do I exploit the fact that this site will link to my blog if I mention how wonderful Tillamook Cheese is? I'm thinking I should. I mean, I feel bad because I have nothing to offer these poor souls that just want to read about cheese and instead happen upon my blog chronicling the live of a student at MIT. And MIT is hopelessly devoid of Tillamook Cheese. Maybe these new readers will take pity on me and find a way to get Tillamook Cheese to Boston (because, frankly, this "Vermont Cheddar" business just ain't cuttin' it). I think the most I could offer these people are a few comical anecdotes and a picture of my sandwich.
But I could get increased exposure for my blog. Which is always preferred, right? So I think I'm going to do it. All I have to do is mention how AWESOME Tillamook Cheese is in every blog post, and then I'll be linked to a lot on their site and then more hits for Kelsey-Pedia!

In other news...
This was after some snow had melted a little. Our neighbor says he measured 36 inches of snow in one spot. And it's snowing again right now. And we still don't have power. And I'm still complaining.

Basically, this is getting really old.

[Oh, and sorry for the tiny pictures. I'm on a slow internet connection.]


Elisa Lehto said...

Sitemeter statistics?
How do I do that!!

KelseyK said...


You register your site, and you can track traffic on your site! It's basically amazing. My little link thingy is way down at the bottom of my page, and that'll take you there as well.