24 December 2008

Post of the Day

I fail to understand.

Somehow, my original post that mentioned Tillamook Cheese is the "Post of the Day" on the Tillamook Cheese fan club website.

I am by no means complaining, I'm just kind of confused. Has no one over there at the Tillamook fan club headquarters actually read my blog? Do they realize that I don't have anything to offer the cheese-lovers of the world? Or is it just some bot putting it up? It's definitely freaking me out, not going to lie.

Weather Update: It's currently raining and it's really windy. Which is awesome. Trees are dropping snow like there's no tomorrow. I might actually be able to leave my house soon. We also might get power back soon. Hopefully the weather isn't instilling a false sense of hope. Because that would be cruel.

Happy holidays everyone! I doubt I'll be posting tomorrow, as I'll be dealing with the usual Christmas merriness, visiting family and all that jazz, so I hope you all have a great Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate) in advance!

1 comment:

Jake Ten Pas said...

Just for the record, you don't have to know a lot about cheese to be able to appreciate it. And we appreciate your enthusiasm.
Jake Ten Pas, robot intern, on behalf of the Tillamook Cheese Fan Club