27 November 2008

"Your Dorm Feels Like OMSI"

Okay, so sorry that I don't have a decent post planned... I'm just kind of writing randomly...

First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all have had a sufficiently awesome holiday, and I hope you all had delicious dinners! I myself am spending Thanksgiving here at MIT with my friend Joanna, who's visiting from her school in Vermont (I know her from home, though...)! Essentially, I'm super-pumped that she's here. It's kind of amusing to compare our two schools - we have a nuclear reactor, they have some solar panels on their barn. Their dorms feel like cabins, my dorm feels like OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). It's hilarious.

After I was released from the horrors of classes on the day before Thanksgiving (OH NOES! Okay, it was only an hour of 5.111 because everything else I had was canceled), Joanna and I headed to Harvard Square to go to Eastern Mountain Sports. At Joanna's school, they go on some intense camping trips in the mountains of Vermont in December, so she needed some gear. While there, I discovered that everything was on sale! I really needed a better winter coat that could protect me from the ridiculous wind here, so a purchase was soon made, and I am now a warmer human being. They didn't have everything she needed, so it was off to R.E.I., down by Fenway. After spending some time on the T, and walking back over the Harvard Bridge, we were successfully back at MIT. Then we went grocery shopping, which was awesome, because I really needed food.

Today was spent exploring campus, and then we came back to Simmons for a delicious delicious Thanksgiving dinner. The table settings looked amazing, and there were a lot of people there! After dinner and a call home, there was a movie in the MPR (Simmons' Multi-Purpose Room).
Sorry about the crappy pictures, I only had my cell phone with me!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a day off, especially you MIT students - I hope you enjoyed your day off from p-sets! (Please tell me you took a day off from p-sets...)

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