19 November 2008

The Miracles of Modern Technology

I am incredibly absent-minded.

Like, beyond reason.

I misplace, forget, or lose things all the time. The most recent victim of my forgetfulness?

My ID card.

I definitely lost it the other day when I put it in my pocket after buying some food at the student center. When I tried to get into Simmons later that day... I had some issues. After searching through every bag I have ever used, every jacket pocket, and the places I went in the student center, I came to the terrible conclusion that I had flat out lost it.

Unfortunately, Card Services closes at 4:30, so I didn't have a chance to get a new one yesterday. But, after spending five minutes at Card Services (that was a lot less time than I was expecting) I walked out with a new ID card.

So I would like to sincerely whoever came up with the little machine that churned out my ID card so quickly. You are my hero.

I would also like to thank whatever gem of technology is responsible for making my radiator worthless. I have it turned up all the way, and it's still cold. Which makes me really happy considering it is currently 31 degrees here, and the low tonight is supposed to be 21 degrees. And my dorm is a giant hunk of concrete and metal.

[Three days of the worst week ever completed! Now I just need to worry about a presentation and an exam! YEA!]


fuzzywombat103 said...

Sterling's ID cards are the definition of ghetto. As in, a laminated piece of paper with a grainy picture of our faces, plus our names and "Sterling College". I'd be worried about not getting discounts due to people thinking the cards are fake, except that if I were making a fake ID, I'd do a hell of a lot better job than that.

Elisa Lehto said...

Hey now!! My first semester out in Missouri, we didn't even have our picture on our ID cards and they were NOT laminated. Business cards with names, ID#, and school info added in.

High class, I'm telling you.