22 September 2008

Learning a few tough lessons...

Holy crap.

MIT is eating me alive.

No joke.

For the past three weeks, I have been wondering daily what I did to get into this school. I've been told it's normal, and I'm trying so hard to believe that. The work is flat out insane. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to do p-sets, and I haven't been able to turn a completed one in yet - they've all been missing answers to a few problems because I have no clue what I'm doing! I'm working on finding out when office hours that I can actually go to are (my schedule prevents me from going to quite a few of them), and I'm not procrastinating too much (I haven't even blogged!). It's just more work than I've ever seen in my life, and it happens weekly!

So, enough complaints about the work. I guess I should blog about the things I promised you I would blog about!

School Work!
Okay, just kidding. More complaints about work. Basically, I'm drowning in work, I don't understand a word of lecture, and I HATE MASTERING PHYSICS. For those of you not familiar, Mastering Physics is an internet-based program that has a ton of physics questions, and it's really annoying, and my class has it due at 10:00 on Sunday nights, which is actually really inconvenient. Especially considering the problems don't get posted until Friday. Thanks for screwing up my weekends, Mastering Physics. Really. I appreciate it like there's no tomorrow. Plus, I haven't really done hardcore algebra in about a year, and everything I'm taking (excluding The Film Experience [21L.011]) requires it. It's terrible.

Article in The Tech!
Oh yes... Officially published!
MIT Climbs Back to 4th in US News & World Report Ranking

Wombats Concert
Way back on September 10th, my roommate, Tess, and I went to T.T. The Bear's Place to see the Wombats live. We got there kind of early, which worked out really well because we ended up standing right up against the stage. The venue itself was really amazing - intimate, clean, and just right for a good show. The show itself was pretty good overall. The first band, the Spring Tigers, weren't that good, and their sound guy was terrible. The Postelles played next and weren't too bad, but the really annoying girl that was next to me that was way too into the music and dancing really badly kind of ruined that set. The Wombats' set was amazing, and I definitely had bruises afterward. We were right up against the stage, and the jackasses behind us kept pushing forward and the stage was right at knee-height. Yeah. Painful.

Oh my goodness, I am loving debate! APDA is pretty much amazing. It's incredibly different from Parli Pro, but I really like it nonetheless. The people are all really fun, and the format is challenging.

Okay, so I am way too tired to write more. I think I'm coming down with a cold (everyone on my floor is sick, pretty much), but don't worry Mom and Dad - I'm staying hydrated and I'm going to sleep a lot tomorrow because it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND (My sincerest thanks to the 'tvte for this fabulous weekend. Seriously.).

Alright kids, I'm out.

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Aditi said...

Debate! New York!

You write for the Tech as well?

Whoever designed mastering physics should burn.