11 September 2008

I'm still alive, I promise.

Okay, so I realize that I haven't updated in nearly a week.

But this isn't going to be all that exciting of a post. Basically, I'm still alive (though my marathon p-setting session that I'm about to start may change that) and not insane just yet. I won't be able to post an actual blog that's all that interesting until maybe Sunday, but here's what you can expect in the future:
  • An overly-detailed description of how much I hate p-sets. And Mastering Physics. And how I forgot how to do basic algebra and how severely that's screwing me over.
  • An article I wrote was published in The Tech!
  • Tales from the Wombats concert I went to last night with Tess at T.T. the Bear's Place in Cambridge. Let's just say that I'm a little bruised.
  • All about my trip to Johns Hopkins with the Parliamentary Debate team! (YEA!)
I'm sure there's more I could talk about, but I'm kind of brain-dead right now, so I can't really remember what else has gone on lately...

What I will say now, however, is that I'm really happy I was able to get into the Film Experience HASS-D class. It's beyond amazing. Seriously. In recitation today, we just critiqued Buster Keaton and D.W. Griffith silent movies like they were the latest modern blockbusters. As a complete and total film geek, it made me happy.

Okay kids, I'm off to finish three p-sets in one sitting. Hopefully, I'll come out of this okay - otherwise I'm just going to be a blob of jello.

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