05 September 2008

Frustration at its Finest

I'm about to throw a brand spankin' new printer at the wall.
Tess and I decided to get this beautiful piece of equipment not only because it's pretty but it's also wireless. Wireless is really nice.

What's not really nice is a crappy printer that can't feed a piece of paper through it for the test print page. Seriously. This thing is eating paper like mad and I can't get past step nine of set-up because of it.
All that paper on the floor? Even the stuff that's printed on? Destroyed by the printer. I put in some blank paper but it was destroyed pretty quickly, so I decided to use scrap paper from the American Foreign Policy class that I didn't end up getting into (which I'm not happy about...). All destroyed.

It'd be really nice if it would just work! You have no idea how angry it's made me. I guess I shouldn't let a printer upset me that much, but I'm really frustrated because I can't figure out the problem and I'm sure it'll be something simple.

In other news... I can't take the French class I wanted to take, and I couldn't get into American Foreign Policy, so now I'm taking The Film Experience as my HASS-D CI-H class! I'm really excited because now I get to watch a ton of movies. More importantly, I think it will be interesting and I'll enjoy it, so it'll be a nice balance for all the science and math (which, I suppose, was the intention behind the HASS-D requirement...). PE lottery results also came out today, and I got into my first choice class - Fencing (Foil)! Oh yeah! Except the class is on my two busiest days, but I really want to take the class so I really shouldn't complain.

Now I'm going to bed, so I can work on p-sets all weekend (yea for three of them!)...

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