29 August 2008

Classes? OH NOES!

Yep, that's right! I finally registered for classes!

So, officially, I'm registered for 5.111 (Chemistry), 18.01 (Single-variable calculus), 21F.376 (French I with Globalization), and 8.01L (Physics - Classical Mechanics [Long - which means it goes into January]). Unfortunately, it all doesn't really fit into my schedule.

Also, looking at the 8.01L stuff online, I realized that we covered all that material in high school. In fact, I magically still remember some of it. So, while 8.01 and 8.01L cover the exact same material, I think I might actually be able to handle the faster-paced class. Plus, it's Pass/No Record.

I'm also wondering about 18.01. I took calculus in high school, and while I am a little fuzzy on how to do it anymore, I think that once I get into a class and actually see it again, it'll all come flooding back to me. At least, that's what I'm afraid will happen, and then I'll be bored. I'm not really sure about the protocol when it comes to switching into 18.02 (Multivariable calculus) without having taken the Advanced Standing Exam or have transfer credit (though I suppose I could get it if I really tried, but it might be difficult from here). And again, it's Pass/No Record this first semester...

I do need to finagle my way into Globalization, however. That's the class that is in conjunction with the French class, and is the HASS-D (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences - Distribution) that sounds the most interesting to me... Other than, perhaps, the Film Experience one (I figure learning a new language might be a better thing for me than watching movies for class, which could be a very dangerous thing for me...). My advisor says there are quite a few spots left, which is fantastic.

Basically, I need to switch around a million recitation times, add and drop classes and all that jazz just to have a schedule that works right now. And I don't even know what P.E. class I'm in yet (but I did just enter the lottery for it! YEA!). I hate working out scheduling logistics.

While figuring out classes, I also need to figure out what activities I'm going to be doing when I'm not drowning in p-sets (Problem Sets...). I went to the Activities Midway yesterday afternoon, and I was definitely overwhelmed by the massive amount of things I could get involved with. Debate, music, photography, etc. There are a million and two things I want to do, and definitely not enough time for everything. Hopefully it will all work out.

Now I'm going to go try to have a good weekend before classes make me want to die. :)

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