26 August 2008

Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home.

Ah, Cartman. I actually miss "South Park" right now. Sadness.

So. Today was my first crappy day here! Fun, right? Okay, not so much.

Last night probably set me up for the bad day, though those events have zero impact on the things that have pissed me off. I went on a certain citrus-y tour of campus last night, open only to students. I had a blast, and it was quite the adventure. I got back into the dorm at 4 AM, so I was exhausted. I've been running on very little sleep this last week and a half, so I slept all day. No, really. I didn't get out of bed until noon, and even then I just cleared off my desk and watched some "Arrested Development" on Hulu. After that, I decided that I had expended far too much energy, and just went back to bed until 3.

While checking Facebook later on, I learned that the Math Diagnostic results were out. Now, the Math Diagnostic was a 20-question test I took yesterday morning that determines which physics class I'll be in. There was some calculus and some pre-calc on there, and some stuff that I had no idea existed. Here's what I read today:
Math Diagnostic for Physics Placement Results

Comments and Advice:

As judged by your performance on this Diagnostic, your score indicates weakness in your high school math skills. For this reason, the Physics Department strongly recommends that you enroll in 8.01L, the longer version of Physics I designed for students with weak background in math or physics. You should also be concurrently enrolled in a version of 18.01, Calculus I. Please discuss these decisions with your freshman advisor. You are also strongly encouraged to work through the problems in the Math Review Modules available at: http://mit.edu/firstyear/mathdiagnostic/modules.html.


Then, I was in the Athena Cluster in the Student Center (basically, a computer lab), checking Facebook (goodness, I'm not an addict... *cough*) when I saw stuff about the Admissions Blogger results. When I finally made it through the post and saw the list, I was mildly (okay, really really) disappointed. My name was definitely not on there. Gah. I'm kind of miffed right now, but I think it's going to be like State Office, where I'll be glad I didn't get it about a week from now. It's still a little annoying though.

I guess things could be a lot worse, but these things really just add to the list of reasons why I statistically (or otherwise) should not have been admitted to MIT. I really just don't get how I'm going to survive here.

XKCD's random button makes me happy, though.

This is actually a lot like getting to my house in Oregon. No lie.


Jeremy said...

Aww Kelsey... it's all going to be okay. Just hang in there, IN DORM RUSH IS TODAY!

KelseyK said...

Hahahaha, thanks Jeremy.

That's right! YEA!

Michael said...