18 July 2008

Just kidding...

Yeah. Didn't get stuff done on time, and that meant no posts for a week. Sorry about that!

Camp was amazing this past week. I didn't get any mail (thanks so much, everyone), but I did get a million mosquito bites and I had fun so I guess I didn't need your mail anyway.

Coming home is not great though. I missed the HASS-D lottery deadline because my laptop refuses to connect to a wireless network for some ridiculous reason and so now I can't take a HASS-D class in the fall, which means no Globalization. I am really frustrated by the fact that I can't find a problem with AirPort on my Mac. I tried two different wireless networks in downtown Corvallis, and nothing worked. It didn't matter whether I was using Firefox or Safari. It's really strange. And definitely not making me happy.

Oh, and my younger brother broke his leg this afternoon while riding his ATV. He definitely is at fault; he jumped it, stuck his feet out and one of them was too far down and when he landed his leg was in the way. Pure genius. But now that means I'm going to be subjected to way too much of Rob and Big and MTV Cribs and any other inane MTV programming. Good thing I'm going back to camp for another week.

For now, enjoy this article about Bill Nye the Science Guy...

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, Bill Nye really hated kids, hence why his scenes were usually separate from the kids' scenes =D