11 July 2008

Campity camp camp camp!

Oh man, I am so excited. I get to work at camp again this summer.
Every summer I go to Girl Scout camp, and it's like a vacation where I get to be outside all the time and with all my friends, and I guess it's technically work because I'm responsible for the welfare of young girls. But all in all, it's amazing. After a serious argument with my parents (okay, mostly my dad), I am allowed to go this year. They're kind of freaking out over me leaving for MIT (in 37 DAYS!!!) so I guess I understand, but camp keeps me sane so I think 12 days out of my summer is not a bad trade-off for less stress when it comes time for me to completely pack up and leave.

Consequently, I won't be posting as much! Well, I wasn't doing a good job of that anyway, as evidenced by the nine-day silence. But Blogger is wonderful and allows one to schedule posts, so there will be reading material for all of you (yes, all of you, my dear and meager readership) while I'm off hiking and building fires and trying not to get mauled by some malicious forest creature. I would post my camp address because I really like getting mail, but I've learned from my friend's mistake. She posted the address on her Livejournal and got a creeper letter from some girl in Ohio. So everyone on staff wrote creeper letters back. Creeper mail is bad, children. But, if you're friends with me on Facebook, I'll be posting the address, so you better write to me. I'll even write back if I have a return address for you! It's really a great win-win situation.

In other news... I passed the FEE! Which is really fabulous. The comments on my essays kind of made me laugh. Some excerpts:
"These two essays represent some lively writing..."
"Both essays have an energetic quality that is refreshing."
"Your writing is lively and spirited..."
Apparently, the thesaurus entry for lively was popular? While those were positive, they pretty much said that I need outlines like there's no tomorrow. And I think they were probably saying, "WTF?!" at the end of my first essay because I used sentence fragments in my conclusion. Yes, I am stupid. Toward the end I definitely went into speech-mode with that essay. If it's read aloud, it sounds great! I think they hated my argumentative essay completely though. There's nothing positive in that one. They were probably wondering what the hell was wrong with me when I brought up CAFO inspections in my argumentative essay. If you know the topic, then you're probably having the same reaction. But I passed, and that's all that matters, right?

Happy late 4th of July, everyone. 'Cause I'm that hardcore... I hope it didn't rain when you were out watching fireworks like it did in Willamina. Because it was really uncomfortable.

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