02 July 2008

Yet another reason...

I really am not a big fan of the "green" movement.

Okay, before you write me off as some insane freak, I should probably explain.

I am all for protecting the environment, but I really think things like biofuels and carbon credits are not the answer. They are taxing on the environment and don't make sense and our agricultural endeavors are going to be severly compromised if we devote more land to fuel than food.

Mother Jones had an amazing article on carbon credits that I highly recommend. Even if you disagree, knowing the other arguments is always smart.

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Elisa Lehto said...

Have you heard about:
thegreencurve.com ?

Let me know what you think about this. I heard that at some station of their's in California, they have postcards you can grab for free with info on how to be eco-friendly.
The best part about them? They're biodegradable and have seeds of California wildflowers in them. So even if you toss it, it biodegrade's and plants flowers!!