30 June 2008

Now Boarding Zones 1-5

Well, the trip is sadly over. In a mere three hours I'll be on a plane heading towards Oregon.

And I've been horrible with blogging. Not going to lie.

Tomorrow I'll start putting up blogs on the other blog I've created for the trip and it will be fabulous. Castles, falling off a horse monkey-style, and lots of pictures...

For now, have a picture of some crazy-ass Beltex sheep that they dye yellow for shows. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, adorable!

Dye yellow for shows? That's a very interesting show culture. Horses aren't that special... we just braid their manes/tails and clean them up =D.

Actually, dying horses = illegal, because it messes with identifying markings. But Hollywood ignores this a lot.