12 June 2008

I'm pretty sure this is the beginning of the apocalypse.

According to NOAA, June no longer exists.

It is now Junuary.

So your calendar is wrong.

Okay, so NOAA really didn't make that change, but they should. Well, at least for Oregon. Right now, the rest of the nation is getting cooked, but up here in the Pacific Northwest, it feels a lot like January. Constant rain and wind, 3" of snow on Mt. Hood. Not exactly springtime weather. Yesterday's high temperature (56 degrees) is an average low temperature in June. I think the climate hates us. It is really miserable. Apparently, we just don't get spring. Thanks a lot. And don't even say it's all because we pollute - Portland is pretty much the "greenest" city in America. 1816 is known as "The Year With No Summer," and I'm pretty convinced that 2008 is history repeating itself. Except the weather anomalies in 1816 were caused by volcanic winter. Now I think North Korea was just testing a kajillion nuclear bombs and we're now in a nuclear winter and the media and the government are just covering it all up.

But the weather is not the only thing that just is horrible right now. Well, actually it's mostly just the weather that's causing problems. The Midwest is dealing with a lot of flooding, which is bad for a number of reasons. 1) Flooding is just bad and tough on communities! Boo flooding! 2) Corn prices are going to go up even more.

I will say that I think using corn for biofuel production is just a bad idea (I mostly hate it because it's just so inefficient), and it is driving up corn prices, and in turn dairy and livestock/meat prices. And now all the flooding has damaged corn crops and that means less production.

1) My "Day of Culture" is tomorrow. About one day a month I make a point to go up to Portland and see plays and art. The Portland Art Museum has a Klaus Moje exhibit that looks amazing, and I'm also going to see "Doubt: A Parable" at Portland Center Stage. Yea!
2) Scotland is a week away! And MIT is two months away! Those two months are going to fly by, and I am really excited for that. I'm working on FPOP applications (FAP, DME and DCEE) right now, and while some of the questions have me thinking, I'm still really looking forward to them.

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