08 June 2008

Loud Food

Like many people, I get a little annoyed when people eat really loud food in the presence of others. Right now, I am fighting the urge to crush every bit of the food my brother is now consuming because it is so unbelievably loud.

I am pretty convinced that, at this point, there are two foodstuffs that need to be banned from vending machines (because people generally eat their purchases in public places) and grocery stores. That is, unless the consumers agree to sign a document stating they will eat the product in total seclusion.

1. Corn Nuts: Okay, I will say right off the bat that I like Corn Nuts, and not just because I like corn because it has to do with farming (and I really like farming) and it's part of the FFA emblem. But it's really all about discretion. I don't force others to listen to my crunching - I eat them at home down in our basement, away from other people. I have a friend, Adam, who decided that he was going to buy Barbeque-flavored Corn Nuts nearly every day right before our second period math class this past school year. Nearly every day. And nearly every day, my friend Adam would eat those Barbeque-flavored Corn Nuts while our teacher lectured the class. It really didn't matter whether she was teaching our Statistics group, or our friends in their Calculus group. Adam ate Barbeque-flavored Corn Nuts. And we would all whine about him eating those Barbeque-flavored Corn Nuts because they are so freaking noisy.

2. Gardettos: I like these, too. But I don't eat them during movies like my younger brother. And crunch them loudly.

I don't really know why I just wrote an entry about loud edible products. I guess it was pure annoyance. Or my messed-up sleep schedule is making me crazy.

And now, looking at the post just before this one, I realize it's all been rather anticlimatic. Huge post, no follow up. Well, they managed to save about 95% of all my data off my old hard drive, after my poor computer had been there for 24 hours. I now have my computer at home, where it is on strict bed-rest (which basically just means that I'm trying to sort through the mess that is my iPhoto program right now). Now, if you don't mind I'm going to go work on getting a picture for my MIT ID card (yes, I know, I know... They were due a while ago... I am a procrastinator, and I won't even try to hide it) and plot when I can hunt for internet so I can re-download Firefox and Open Office.

I hope you all have a great weekend and the weather is great where you are because it feels like it's January here. And it's June. And my summer break has been rather dreary so far. So please, enjoy your sunshine. So I might live vicariously through you.


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