09 May 2008

It's Official!

1. My Ag Communications team is INSANE.
We had practice at 6:15 AM this morning. Granted, I showed up late (as usual), but I was still there before I would wake up on a normal morning. Fortunately, we met at a coffee shop (the only one in Willamina) and I was able to get a giganto cup of CAFFEINE. Now I'm trying to figure out which classes I can sleep through today. I think I'm becoming immune to the magical powers of caffeine, which is very bad because I'm going to need those powers at MIT.

2. I will be at MIT in the fall!
My copy of the "Next Big Mailing" came in the mail yesterday!I was very distracted by that amazing folder full of goodies and almost didn't finish my Interphase application on time. That massive mass of papers cost MIT $10.55 to get it to my house. And that's not including the cost of all the pretty, shiny things inside it. That $10.55 is just postage!

Some of the folder's contents are pretty exciting. The Guide to Residences/i3 is by far the most colorful book - 54 pages of big, bold pictures and a DVD with movies made by all the dorms. So far, I've only been able to watch Simmon's, but I will definitely be watching them all over the course of the weekend. Here's Baker's off of YouTube:

There's also information on MIT e-mail address selection (kelseyk? kelseyrk? kkennedy? Oh the choices), Orientation and FPOPs, and of course, a shiny decal for a car window...

Two weeks until graduation... It definitely cannot come fast enough.

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