14 May 2008

Graduation will be a miracle...

We literally have a week of school left.

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near completing anything.

My Senior Project is... um... *hopefully* going to come together, but we'll see about that. I've realized my communication skills are definitely lacking and I've managed to make my mentor a little unhappy about that. Not good. So for the next two days I'll be working with 7th graders at their outdoor school, teaching them about ecosystems and the environment. And then I have a weekend to get everything together. Note: this is not normal. Everyone else is presenting today, but I'm doing it next week. The day before the last day for seniors. If I don't pass the first time, I don't graduate. Add in seven Statistics assignments that need to be done in time for our final on Tuesday, numerous English essays, Physics homework, and the fact that I'm missing four days of school total this week.

I could definitely not graduate. And not have good grades. Which could mean no MIT. Which would mean epic failure.

I suppose I could just get a State Diploma and not do Senior Project because I've already completed my Extended Application through FFA... But that would make me a loser.

Okay, enough of my complaining. Sorry about that. I really just need school to get out so I can be sane again.

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