05 May 2008

Bill Clinton at McMinnville High School

Hey there, everyone! Sorry I sort of dropped off the planet there for about a week... We had the end of the quarter on Wednesday, and our grades then determined whether or not we'd be at Prom. Let's just say I barely made it. After the grades, I decided to be stupid and attempt to make my own dress. Over the course of four days... Without a pattern... That didn't end well. Luckily, I had a back-up dress!

Okay, enough of my excuses.

Now, for the promised blog about Bill Clinton speaking at McMinnville High School on April 26th.

My friend Katie and I (not the Katie I'll be talking about later) were super-amazing and decided that we were going to go see Bill Clinton on one of his stops in Oregon when our Government teacher announced that he'd be in town...

That was the ridiculous line we had to wait in. For an hour. It doubled back on itself in an s-shape. Fortunately, it was a warm day.

Once we made it into the actual building and were standing in the gym that probably doubled as a sauna, we were informed by "Katie the T-Shirt Girl" (Okay, that's not her name or title, but I don't know what her real one is, so that's the one she's getting.) that Bill Clinton was just leaving Monmouth and would be there soon. Monmouth to McMinnville HS, if you don't drive like me (a.k.a. super-slow) = ~30 minutes. So we got to wait for another 30 minutes. Go us!
The peppy Katie girl was throwing shirts out like mad, and tried to have a chant-volume contest to see where she would be throwing the next shirt. It was all rather cult-like. The greatest part was seeing a small old woman tackle a big biker guy for one of these shirts. It was intense! At one point, the Katie girl was saying something about how great Oregon was, and someone in the back yelled, "Well, where are you from?" She got really nervous and responded that she was currently living in Portland. It definitely was obvious that she knew that was a bad answer.

Finally Bill Clinton showed up, and by that time, it was unbelievably warm in that gym. I was not a big fan. Sorry I didn't get good pictures - we weren't in a good place for pictures, and I'm kind of short so in nearly every shot I took, there are a lot of heads.

And now, for a video! Sorry this isn't that great either...

He ended up speaking for about an hour, and it was all pretty much things any Democrat would say - run of the mill stuff. Something that was different though, was Clinton's announcement that Hillary would get rid of the summer gas tax. My friend and I just looked at each other, confused. Didn't everyone just make fun of McCain for suggesting that?

All in all, it was just an interesting experience. I can now say that I've seen a former President speak... Whoo! (? I don't know if it's really all that exciting...)

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