24 April 2008

College Visits and Politics

Yesterday my College Prep class ditched school and visited Oregon State and Western Oregon Universities. I don't really know why, because no one was going to Oregon State, and only two people were interested in Western. I guess I really shouldn't complain though, because we got out of a whole day of school. Oh, and we scored free silly putty at OSU. I made sure I wore my MIT sweatshirt for these tours. At OSU we found our friend Heather and went to her mind-numbingly boring health class and hung out in the library... At Western we got dragged around campus in a marathon tour that lasted a total of 15 minutes because we had to leave. The best part was definitely when our tour guide at Western was telling us about the student center and he said, "... and over there is our bookstore, where we... uh... buy our books." Oh so eloquent.

Now for the politics part of this post.
My friend Katie and I are definitely going because when a former president comes to speak at a high school only 30 minutes away, you go. I don't know if I'm a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, but it would still be very interesting to see Bill Clinton speak. It's really exciting. Don't worry, there will be plenty of pictures and bloggage. :)

30 days until graduation!
55 days until I am in Scotland!
117 days until MIT Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs start!

Oh, and you all better be registered voters if you're 17 or older. If you're not... you should be ashamed.


Elisa Lehto said...

I know I sound like a dork for knowing this, but you have to register online if you want to get in to see Clinton. He's coming to Western as well.... speaking of: what's this I hear about you being IN TOWN and NOT calling ANY of the staff here? PUNK!!!

KelseyK said...

Haha, yeah, we registered.

I'm sorry!!! We were only there for 15 minutes! I meant to though! :(