31 May 2008

Caffeine is AMAZING.

Well, I am a horrible blogger and didn't post for a while and there's so much going on...

Graduation went really well. It was sunny and gorgeous outside for the few hours we were on the field for Graduation. We didn't freeze to death - instead we baked in our black polyester gowns while sitting in direct sunlight on black metal chairs. Otherwise, it was a good ceremony. My friend Adam did, in fact, say "Ballin'" at the end of his Salutatorian speech, just like I predicted. The girl next to me texted her friends during the entire ceremony, which was pretty ridiculous. Willamina is awesome.

Our Grad Night party went pretty well. We spent a few hours on a boat through the Portland Spirit company, cruising down the Willamette. I learned that I am really bad at Blackjack. And I mean really bad. Not a terribly exciting trip...

Okay, so the Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE) is a little insane. I made it through the readings all right, but now I need to actually synthesize the information. My new cell phone is unbelievably distracting, and I've had a million things I've had to get done. I guess I shouldn't complain, because this is for MIT after all, but it's still a little insane. I really kind of wish my high school had AP classes so I could have at least had a shot at taking the test and scoring well so I could have gotten out of the FEE. Yea for small towns! Okay, not so much.

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