23 May 2008

Rain = really crappy during Graduation

Because my school is poor and we don't have any other place to do it, we get to have our Graduation ceremony on the football field.

One problem: WE LIVE IN OREGON.

That means it's rainy and crappy outside until the 4th of July. It's 50 degrees outside right now, which is about what it'll be tomorrow afternoon. When all 56 of us are stuck on a football field sitting in metal chairs and wanting to die because we'll be freezing. I suppose I shouldn't complain because it's Graduation and we finally get to get out of here, but it's not exactly going to be comfortable... During practice today we were all a bunch of popsicles, and the rain was not fun.

Okay, just heard on the news that there's a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. Fantastic.

We are all officially done with everything - we all passed Senior Project, homework is all in, and we've all been forced to sit through redundant Graduation practices. We graduate tomorrow, then get stuck on a boat on the Willamette for our Grad Night party... Whoo!

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