05 June 2008

Sadness is...

Sadness is being recognized at the Genius Bar at the Mac Store.

Granted, it's just good customer service to recognize repeat customers. As a total sales nerd, I get that. But it's a little obvious that I'm in there so much that they recognize me. I was in there for an hour on Mother's Day trying to get my iMovie program fixed, and it looks like I'll be going there again.

Now, I love my Mac. Love it, love it, love it. There's no way I could ever go back to totally relying on a Windows-based computer. But right now I'm a little pissed because my computer died before I could approve/install new updates, and it's now got a flashing file folder with a question mark on it whenever it try to turn it on with a power source.

Grrr. I better not be there for an hour before they tell me it's something simple and I'm pretty much really stupid when it comes to computers.

Being tired is probably just adding to the frustration. :(

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