31 March 2008

Maya vs. Inca

Like Ninja vs. Pirate but much more hardcore. Because they're old-school.

For my Spanish class, we're supposed to write reports and put together Powerpoints on different Mayan ruins while our teacher is out on maternity leave. Today in class we drew our topics, and I ended up with Machu Picchu. Which definitely is not a Mayan ruin. It's pre-Columbian Incan. There's a major difference, not to mention things like construction methods, etc.

Machu Picchu = PERU.
Mayan Empire = MEXICO.

I really hope I don't get docked because of it. :(

Oh, and I got waitlisted at Cornell. Not that I'm heartbroken - I'll be at MIT in the fall. All the other kids on the MIT '12 Facebook are posting about how they're trying to pick between MIT and schools like Princeton and Harvard, though. Holy crap. The fact that I got in continues to shock me, over two weeks later. I got into MIT, state schools and Willamette. Although, I suppose that's dramatically different from everyone else at Willamina, so I'll just go with it... But that doesn't mean I don't feel any less awed by these other students that are super-geniuses.

I went and saw 21 last night! Finally... My friends and I were going to go see it, but there were some... communication issues... and we never got around to it. So I just went and saw it on my own. I don't know what I think of it yet. I do know that it prompted the first jumping-around- the-house-and-proclaiming-that-I-got-in-to-MIT-episode (My parents actually told me they were glad I finally reacted that way because they were getting a little worried), so I guess that's a good sign. The soundtrack was amazing. When MGMT's "Time to Pretend" played as the opening track, I knew that I would at least like the music. There was also a new LCD Soundsystem track. Definitely amazing. So I can at least say it was good in that aspect. Our Stats teacher is trying to get our class out of school to go see it later this week - I love our school.

Speaking of Stats, I am an idiot. We have a test tomorrow (Yep! The second day of school after spring break! If that's not torture, then I don't know what is) and I haven't done any of the assignments for this chapter. I haven't even looked at my notes once in the last month. And what did I do? Left my book in my locker. Mad skill, no? I'm hoping that the school is still unlocked and I can make it down to the senior hall... Hopefully I won't have to jump over the gate across the hallway. That would suck. I guess I should probably go attempt to retrieve it now...

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