29 March 2008

Spring break is nearly over, and I only have 55 days of high school left. 81 days until I am standing on Scottish soil.

Finally heard back from Stanford! They hate me. Okay, so they probably don't hate me (Well, they might. My test scores and grades aren't fantastic) but I just didn't get in. Which is okay with me. I decided in October that if I ever had to pick between MIT and Stanford, I'd pick MIT. They're actually nice. And don't grumpily refer to me as "The Girl In The Back" at information sessions.

If only I could just coast through the remaining days of school. Senior Project is the worst part of school ever conceived. I hate it. Truly, thoroughly and passionately hate it. The only part I enjoyed was the 12-page research paper, but that was finished a long time ago. :(

My friends came up with this fantastic list of the stages of Senioritis. I'm definitely at Stage 6.

STAGE 1: Procrastination Doubles

STAGE 2: Overwhelmed by Work

STAGE 3: Extensive Doodling/Napping (Possibly in school)

STAGE 4: Frustration with School

STAGE 5: Frustration with School and Teachers

STAGE 6: Stop Caring About School

STAGE 7: Avoid Difficult Classes

STAGE 8: Napping Increase (can occur any time after stage 3 but usually happens after stage 7)

STAGE 9: Hatred of Life in General (also known as frustration with life circumstances and situation, not to be confused with hatred of living)

STAGE 10A: Failure to Graduate

STAGE 10B: Graduates normally

STAGE 10C: Barely Graduates

55 days, 55 days, 55 days. 81 until my Scotland/Ireland trip. And approximately 12 until MIT's CPW.

I cannot wait.

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Michael said...

When I went to the Stanford info session I think we had the same presenter. I was referred to as "The kid in the math shirt"