27 March 2008

Let it snow?!


Yes, I know the answer to that question. This is Oregon, and weather is crazy.

But I can still ask the question, right?

Last night my family was in Salem at Sports Authority, and I bought a pair of snow pants. I had intended to buy a pair at the end of the season anyway, because they'd be on sale, but I think I might actually get a fair amount of use out of them this year. It's snowing over spring break, and Mt. Hood's received a record amount of snow. That means I can go cross-country skiing a few more times and not freeze to death! Yea!

It's snowed at the beach, right up to the water. That never happens. The deadline to remove studded tires has been extended a week. And, the snow level is supposed to stay down at around 1,000 feet until Saturday. This is just insane.