26 March 2008

Glad that's over...

State Convention is done and over with. My last State Convention! It's kind of a weird feeling, I have to admit. Even more strange, though, is knowing I won't ever compete in Parli Pro ever again.

State Officer Candidacy - Nope. That didn't work out. I made it past the first cut, but not into the top ten. But, things happen for a reason. I'm not sure that I really wanted to take a year off...
Advanced Parliamentary Procedure - STATE CHAMPIONS! That's right, we won. It was amazing. Debates were fabulous, minutes looked amazing, and I didn't have any major screw-ups while I was chairing a session.
Marketing Plan - I wasn't on the team, but my friends Ashlee, Katie and Misti were. They got 2nd with their plan for the Oregon Pinot Noir Grape Juice made by Evergreen Vineyards.
Extemporaneous Public Speaking - Well, for Sub-State I drew the topic "Organic Farming: What are the advantages and disadvantages?" My speech went beautifully, and I got to talk about a marketing plan I worked on a couple of years ago for orgainc chocolates, as well as a cave farm in Indiana. I made it into the top four, which meant that I would be speaking in front of everyone the next day during one of the sessions. So, when I drew my topic for the top four (State), I just about died. I drew "Special Interest Groups: How are these affecting Agriculture today?" I was so close to refusing to do it. I knew it would not end well. And, it didn't. I went second, and right before I stepped onto the stage I completely forgot the outline I had in my head. Suddenly, I was standing in the middle of the stage with a microphone in my hand and everyone was silent. I could feel 1,000 staring at me through that black curtain created by the spotlights. Somehow, I managed to stutter out my introduction and first point. But, I could not think of my second point. Not remembering anything, I went on to the third point. Wow, did I mess that one up. Don't talk about Senator Obama when giving a speech to a bunch of conservative farm kids. Just saying. I eventually managed to remember everything and finish the speech, but it was horrible. The special interest group speech contrasted rather severly in quality with my speech on organics the previous day. So, I ended up taking 4th. I met my goal of speaking on the state stage, though, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.
Forestry Proficiency - I finally won a state proficiency! Now, it goes on to the regional level, and perhaps even Nationals (probably not, but we'll see...).

Now that State Convention is over, we have to get ready for CDE (Career Development Event) Days in May. We have to put together a Communications plan, and I need to brush up on my press release format knowledge. And I guess I should probably try to remember how to do reasons for Livestock Judging. I am pretty excited though. CDE Days is always a lot of fun.

I would just like to point out that it's Spring Break for most public school students in Oregon right now. And it's snowed in the Willamette Valley/Coast Range several times since break started. It's hailing right now. Oregon weather at its finest!


Michael said...

I heard about the snow! Ridiculous, that shouldn't be happening.

I looking around on the MIT blogs and found an old comment you left a little over a year ago.

Only 3 Oregon kids?!?!?!

That kind of scares me. I'm from Oregon, I'm applying next year, and that's not a lot of people!!! So, does MIT have any limits for how many people they admit from different states?

Also, the school I go to is really small (~350 students serving 2 towns) and we don't really have advanced classes. No Honors, AP, or IB. Basic Chemistry is considered an advanced science class. Is this going to affect me at all when I apply? Also, I've taken a lot of Agriculture classes, and am really involved (and when I say really involved, I mean that it's pretty much my life...) in FFA. Is there anything at MIT that deals with Agriculture? And, how will that be looked at when I apply?

Posted by: Kelsey K on January 20, 2007 01:52 AM

Funny how time works, eh? Now you're in and don't have to worry about any of that stuff anymore!

KelseyK said...

The snow is really strange. I guess it even snowed at the beach. Which never happens.

That comment cracks me up. I remember being fairly concerned. Yeah, definitely not worrying about that anymore!