20 March 2008

I didn't like you anyway (Part 2)

I am so confused by the Honors College at Oregon State, it's not even funny. Well, it is kinda funny. I will admit. Getting into MIT, but not the Honors College at the state college is hilarious. Comical beyond belief. And, I'm not the only one that thinks so... My FFA advisor actually picked up the phone when he found out and called his friends down at OSU's admissions office so he could tell them. They all thought it was hilarious as well. Their conclusion was that the Honors College must think they're better than MIT. I can't wait until I see the OSU reps at State Convention... This is going to be awesome.

I had the first major "I got in to MIT!!!" super-happiness moment today! Yes, I know, nearly a week later. I'm a loser. But this was pretty awesome. I was at the dentist's office and they asked if I wanted to make my next appointment. When they told me it would be in September, I pretty much freaked out because I realized that if I didn't get State Office this weekend, I could be at MIT in September!!! I'm sure I looked rather insane, but I was happy so it's all okay.

The letter to the editor that I wrote last week made it into the paper... And it took up four columns. It was pretty intense. Now I'm going to count the number of old loggers that hate me at the next school board meeting. I love small towns! Okay, not so much.

State Convention officially begins tomorrow! I managed to finally get a card reader for my camera, so I'll be able to update over the weekend with pictures! It's going to be sweet.
Here's a quick rundown of what's going on this weekend:
Ag Issues (Friday and Monday)
15 minute presentation on a current topic in agriculture. Our presentation is all about the sea lions swimming up the Columbia River and eating salmon and sturgeon. ODFW wants to be able to shoot them, but they're protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
Sub-State Extemp (Saturday)
30 minutes to prepare an impromptu speech on a randomly drawn topic. Probably the most intense contest I have ever competed in. Sub-state is only the top eight in the state, and if I make the top four, I'll give another speech on the state stage in front of 2,000 people on Sunday.
Advanced Parliamentary Procedure (Sunday)
Our team is top four in the state! So, no matter what we walk away with one of those beautiful felt banners. Hopefully it's not green (4th). We've all been studying the thirty topics like mad, trying to cram any useful statistic in our brains. Let's hope it pays off...
State Officer Nominating Committee (Starts Friday, depends on cuts)
This is by far what I am the most nervous about. Three days of intense interviews and a general election determine my fate for the next year. If I make it onto the team of six, I'll spend a year touring the state of Oregon, teaching students about leadership and agriculture. Not a bad way to spend a year. Whatever happens, happens. If I don't make it, it was a good experience and off to college I go. If I make it, it'll be a miracle (these politics are unbelievable) but amazing.

More in the coming days!

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