19 March 2008

I didn't like you anyway!

Here's something odd for you:

I didn't get into the Honors College at Oregon State. But I got into MIT.

Maybe this is a sign. One of the things OSU had on its side when it came to my college decision was the Honors College and the wonderful small classes and their amazing research in that college. And I think it's rather strange that even though I got into MIT, my GPA and SAT scores were well above their minimums, and my writing skills are not the worst in the world, I didn't get accepted to the program. So either I got into MIT because they felt sorry for me, or they're drinking funky water down in Corvallis. Or maybe they filled all their spots. Not that I could figure that out because they don't like to give you a lot of information on their website. My parents suggested that I write a letter to that effect, and ask them to reconsider. I'm not really sure if I'm going to do that. I have way too much on my plate right now, and if I do write a letter it'll get done sometime next week. After State Convention.

State Convention starts day after tomorrow! We have a countdown on the Ag Room whiteboard right now, and one line says, "Not enough (2) days to State Convention" and then right below it my friend Spencer wrote, "1 day until complete panic." Pretty appropriate. I still have to get more research for Extemp and Parli Pro. And State Officer materials to get together. This is going to be the craziest weekend of my life, I'm sure of it. But, by Monday I'll know whether I have to defer enrollment at any college. I'll hopefully know where I'm going to college... And whether anyone from our chapter will be heading to National Convention to compete in anything. Which I really hope happens. Because that would be awesome.

So, I should probably pay attention to The Universe in my physics class right now. They're talking about the Big Rip.

"Dark energy is dark, so you can't see it." - Some physicist on The Universe TV show [Edit: We found out his name. It's Robert Caldwell and he's at Dartmouth.]

Best. Quote. Evar.

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