07 February 2008

Ahora es...

Oh my. So, my teacher's lesson plans didn't work out because a bunch of kids were gone from the other class. And now we're watching Univision. There's definitely some things on whatever soap opera we're watching that is barely acceptable in school, but no one's really paying attention. It cracks me up... Oh man! A Robitussin commercial in Spanish! And now a Covergirl commercial. Wow.

I watched Rocket Science last night, and it was amazing. It kicked the pants off of Juno. I found it to be a much better story, and it didn't shove any of the common high school stereotypes down your throat. And it has debate in it. Overall, it was a fantastic movie, with a fantastic soundtrack (Lots of Eef Barzelay and Violent Femmes). Stick it in your Netflix queue, or buy it on DVD!

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