28 February 2008

So I Suck At Life.

Wow. Life got insane.

I didn't post for quite a while. Like three weeks. I was really busy with research and putting together my State Officer materials and all that jazz.

Quick updates:

State Officer Candidacy
I got my letter and paperwork all in on time! I was pretty happy with how my letter turned out. I wrote about the time my FFA chapter ended up stranded on a logging road. I'll post the letter on here once they get sent out to everyone in the state, so sometime next week. It's so exciting!

Parli Pro
We are on to State!!! Last night was the Sectional contest, and we won! Biofuel crop production came up, which was awesome and our team had some good debate. Then a ton of FFA topics came up, like National Parli Pro format and delegate voting system. We have a fair amount of work ahead of us though. Our debates weren't fantastic, and we still need research on some topics. Three more weeks to get it done!

Extemp Speaking
I was ridiculously excited for this contest. I competed last night in Extemp at Sectionals. I drew the nanotechnology topic, and I pretty much just talked about food processing the whole time. My actual speech was kind of shaky, but my responses to the judge's questions were pretty good. I ended up taking first, so at the end of March I'll be competing in the Sub-State competition aka the top eight in the state. If I get into the top four of that, I'll be giving a speech on a stage in front of 2000 people. Exciting!!!

So, that's life, for the most part, right now. Trying to keep up with all my homework is killing me. I've always been a pretty good student, but I am going to just scrape by when it comes to graduating. Fun times.

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