22 January 2008

Too. Cold. To. Function.

New semesters really mess up my schedule. We started a new one yesterday, so that means readjustment to everything. My classes aren't really all that different, but everyone else moving around is pretty annoying. But, on the other hand, it means I won't have any major homework for about a week. Fine with me...

What is very stressful, though, is attempting to write and memorize a speech less than a week. Good thing I have another contest that I can go to Sectionals in. I just need to do research. A lot of research.

If it snowed on Thursday, I would actually not be happy. See, here in the Willamette Valley, we're a bunch of wimps. If one snowflake sticks to a road somewhere in our school district, we have, at the very least, a two-hour delay. It's crazy cold right now, and our low last night was at about 19 degrees. Plus wind-chill. Cold. There are rumors of snow floating around, but snow means no Parliamentary Procedure (an FFA debate contest) practice. And we are getting too close to Districts to not have extremely frequent practices.

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