23 January 2008

Good Weekend Entertainment

If you get the chance to see "The Beard of Avon" at Portland Center Stage's Gerding Theater, I highly recommend going! I saw the matinee this past Sunday, and the show was amazing. I loved the play overall. It did a great job of keeping the audience laughing, and parodied so many thing, but tastefully. Not recommended for young children, or the easily offended (there's a fair amount of profanity/sexual content), but otherwise - you should go!

[Portland Center Stage] |Tickets, seating info, schedules, directions, etc.|

So, I was forced to go to this move by my mother. I mean, I wanted to go, but not as part of "Family Day." Anyways... It was okay. No one's hurt me yet? Good. So, I guess I better explain. It was interesting, it had it's funny moments, it showed how irresponsible teenagers were. But, I felt it was almost too obvious that it was aimed at teenage girls. The clothes, the soundtrack (large doses of Kimya Dawson, Belle and Sebastian and Cat Power) and how Juno smarts off to all the adults in her life. I was kind of annoyed by it throughout the movie, so it was fairly distracting. Oh, and another thing. The development of Juno's character really didn't make her pregnancy plausible. Unless I missed something. I have a lot of friends that act just like Juno in the movie, and not one of them has ever ended up pregnant. Not that I'm saying that is the end-all evidence that backs me up, but in my experience the central event in the plot isn't really all that plausible or common. And even if they weren't aiming for that, it was a little distracting. Maybe I'm crazy though. My mom LOVED this movie, and it's been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

[Juno Official Website]

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