17 January 2008

Long Weekend

The end of the semester is killing me. Major projects galore, and non-traditional finals. An example? In my Oceanography class, we watched Finding Nemo and we had to identify ten concepts we studied in class. Not only did we have to find them, we had to give a brief explanation of each one. It wasn't too hard, but I certainly could have been working on my Spanish art-project-final.

I am so ready for our four day weekend. Tomorrow and Monday off! I'll just have Parli Pro practice to be concerned with.

I just noticed that my MIT application was messed up - some of the grades and classes are missing on my Self-Reported Coursework page. I hope I'm not totally screwed over. They have my transcript, right? Knowing something is wrong, though, is just making the wait until March even more agonizing. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

Oh, great story from school - A girl was caught cheating in a class, and she still failed. She had the test key on her lap during the test, so she had the answers right in front of her. When the teacher graded the test, she had still failed. I must say, that is mad skill. I love my school. ;)


Stephen said...

hey other oregon person
in case you were wondering i am talking about MIT
anyhoo i clicked on your hyperlink and found my way here figured i should leave a comment

hopefully we can hang out at mit next(actually this) year

crossing my fingers, gluing mirrors back together, thinking of other things i may do to bring myself good luck

ohh and also wishing you good luck too

ill try to talk to you later
if you don't want to talk to me i guess that's ok you don't really know who i am and i may kind of seem like some sort of creepy internet predator which i don't think i am
... well that's all i can think of right now. good luck with all those projects

stephen rigsby

KelseyK said...

Well, Stephen, as long as you're not an internet creeper, I'm fine with it!

Good luck to you with MIT and any other schools you applied to. March seems so far away...

If we all get in, we should get all the OR admits together in the fall- I think it'd be fun...