15 January 2008

Picture Madness

I promised I would post them, so here they are!

I definitely wanted to be a little closer for pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, but oh well. Apparently, everyone goes to the Marin Headlands on Christmas Eve? I wanted to be up by the battery, but oh well...

Down on Pier 39. I can't find the edited version of this photo (it definitely lacks the head in the bottom left, and is straight), so I apologize.

Mmmmmm, chocolate.

Christmas on the Embarcadero

The bridge at night...

I'll post more when I actually have time to edit some of the other ones. I've been crazy busy lately. The semester ends this week, and rather than give tests for finals, most of my teachers decided to give projects. Art projects that require lots and lots of time. Add on top of all that college applications, scholarships, FFA contests to get ready for, and daily life in general. Senior year is killing me. June = vacation month.

Oh man. I heard about the new MacBook Air today. I think Apple is crazy. It's really a beautiful piece of equipment, but I'm not a huge fan of the whole no-optical-drive thing. I guess I just like a laptop to have a lot of functionality and I'm not super-concerned about the weight. I'd rather have a heavy laptop than carry around fifty million accessories, like an external disc drive. And, there's no way I am renting movies off of iTunes. I like my DVDs, thanks.

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