31 December 2007

Time for the countdown...

Okay, so it's December 31st and 2007 is winding to a close.

And three of my college applications are due TOMORROW.

So, of course, in typical Kelsey fashion, I'm stressing out, putting it off and then complaining. The usual.

I think I'll be okay though. I have so many essays finished already, it's just Stanford's bajillion "300 character limit" essays. Okay, so maybe there's only ten of them, but honestly! Character limits??? It's been kind of difficult to cram two summers worth of activities into 300 characters [Camps, showing at State Fair, 4-H Forestry]. Or what I feel is a significant challenege that society faces today [Lack of adequate science education in rural areas]. I guess I shouldn't complain that much, I do only have two left after all. But the two left are the hardest ones for me to answer. "What five words best describe you?" and "What historical moment or event do you wish you could have participated in?" I DON'T KNOW. This is all rather frustrating.

Stanford's supplement to the Common App is really what I'm stressed over. Cornell's is nice because [Oh man, hold on. CNN is repeating what they said 15 minutes ago. Must. Change. Channel.] [Back. Whew. Changed it to music. And they are definitely playing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Amazing!] they only want one essay based on the college you're applying to. The Ag and Life Sciences department's essay is pretty much begging me to talk about FFA. *Happy dance!* And MIT's application is actually finished! It's a beautiful thing. And I'm suprisingly happy about my responses to the questions. I even have two different essays for the one about what I like to do for fun. That was definitely the most difficult essay topic for me, but after sitting down and evaluating what I actually do for fun, it was suddenly very easy - hike and bake. So, I wrote two essays, and I'm making my dad pick the one I'm submitting this afternoon when I head down to the coffee shop with my laptop to submit everything.

Once those three applications are submitted, I'll only have Oregon State's, Purdue's, and Willamette's applications left. My Willamette one is due the 15th, and the other two are due on February 1st. I really cannot wait for February 2nd. So much less stress! And I'll be flying to Boston a couple of days after that to visit MIT, so it will be a wonderful world once I get all of my applications finished!

Now all I need is for CalPoly to send me something! They only have a few days left within their "30 Working Days" limit to send me something letting me know if they hate me or if I need to send them more materials.


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