21 December 2007

Family Vacation

Wow. I am glad that's over.

I just got home from my family's epic trip to San Francisco. Pretty much, we fought the whole time - the usual. My brother called me ugly a lot, my mom got pissed off over random things, and my dad just drove us everywhere. This was a pretty typical family vacation.

We did a few neat things, I guess. A lot of shopping because that's all my mom likes to do I think, but we also visited the Exploratorium and SFMOMA.

In Exploratorium, I was like a little kid, to be perfectly honest. It was like OMSI, but everything flowed together more. Oh, and there were a lot more little kids, and no submarine (sad!). I was certainly running around playing with everything - it's very hands-on - and acting like a little nerd child. In the gift shop, I was ecstatic to discover they had coffee mugs with the periodic table on them, and even a shower curtain with the periodic table on it! Too bad we have shower doors at my house. But, I did get a coffee mug with all sorts of amazing mathematical equations on the outside, like Euler's equation. I think my family was a little disturbed by how excited I was by all of this, but at least I was interested in science and not something far worse, like some of my peers.

At SFMOMA, I learned that my family has a low tolerance for museums, and that my brother doesn't know how to behave. In the Olafur Eliasson exhibit, which was highly interactive, my brother ran around complaining loudly that it was all crap. I personally thought that it was amazing, and could have spent a lot more time in there! His use of color, light, and water was extraordinary, and I loved the part where you walked into the circlular room that changed colors. The Joseph Cornell pieces were pretty interesting too, but all of the collages crammed together proved to be a little too busy to spend too much time on. There was an interesting piece I definitely wasn't expecting to see though. A photographer apparently went throughout small towns in the US (I forget his name, sorry!) and took photographs of city councils. The piece from that collection that they had on display was Yamhill's city council! I thought it was kind of an odd coincidence that we would see that in San Francisco...

Overall, I am really happy to be back! I'll post some pictures on here later, when I'm on my MacBook (I'm on our old PC at home right now) sometime later this week.

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