29 January 2010

Steve Jobs

As many of you probably know, Steve Jobs and his turtleneck that he's had surgically attached to his body got up on a stage this past Wednesday and announced that the world would have another Apple product to drool over, even though it was missing a million features normal people would want in a computer-type device because they're logical.

Steve Jobs is a smart man.

For months, geeks everywhere waited with baited breath while their Apple insider blog of choice loaded, hoping that something would pop up on their screen bearing news of a tablet computer. Everyone speculated about the possible features, some people ruthlessly kept tabs on just what Apple was buying. Steve Jobs kept everyone in suspense, so when the actual product was finally released, people were marginally okay with the fact that it doesn't even have a USB port.

I'm going to copy Steve Jobs. Well, copy is probably the wrong word. I definitely have news for you, but I'm not going to wait several months, then have a press conference. Maybe I'll wear a black turtleneck, though (I just found mine in the back of my closet today...). But I am going to tell you that I have news, and I'm posting it here on Saturday. Hell, I'll even liveblog it. Well, it's going to be a blog, so I suppose I'll have to figure out how to liveblog a blog. Anyway.

The only hints I'll give is that I'll explain the past few months of silence, and I'm not releasing iLife 2010.


News. That happens to really only be mediocre. This Saturday. Black turtleneck and everything.

Be there.


(Some of you already know the news. Don't spoil my fun. The only reason I'm waiting until Saturday is that I don't know what to write and I'm hoping I'll come up with something by then... I'm also super busy.)

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