06 July 2009

Gem of the Week

So, it's summertime, and clearly I've been doing things with all this free time I have (namely, sleeping and hanging out with people). But to be perfectly honest, there's not been much going on lately that's been blog-worthy that hasn't already been blogged, so that's why I haven't followed my schedule for the past week or so. As such, I'm going to be lame today and just tell you all that you should really check out this site:

Awkward Family Photos

I promise you, you will be entertained for hours.

Awesome posts will be coming soon, including tales from my upcoming trip to San Francisco! But in the meantime, enjoy the awkwardness that is creepy family photos.

1 comment:

Elisa Lehto said...

Aww, hooray!!
I am pumped for you to invest in the Monty Python version--- I've been curious as to what all it entails. :)