03 March 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

Holy mother of god, I just want this to be over with.

I have been sitting here in the reading room in the Student Center for approximately eight (8!) hours now, and I think I'm going to go insane. The two 20 ounce bottles of Coca-Cola, one bottle of XXX Vitamin Water, bag of Kettle Chips, bag of Mini Oreos, Kit-Kat bar, and iTunes mix of Spoon, Bobby Darin, YACHT, and the Builders and the Butchers are the only things keeping me from becoming a blathering blob of goo on the floor.

For some ridiculous reason, I thought it would be intelligent to leave my two papers for 21W.732 (Intro. to Scientific and Technical Communication [yes, I realize I don't have to take this class because I passed the FEE, but I'm considering a major in 21W.2 (science writing) so cut me some slack]) until the night before. Both regarding an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science, one is a critical review (like one that you'd find in a newspaper) and the other is an analytical report (like one an auditor would submit to the museum directors). Combined page total: ten.

Of course, I've managed to find some fantastic distractions. The classy class of 2012 had a mild flame war, complete with the usual literature and disgusting links to porn videos (aaahhh, the internets...), and naturally I had to check my facebook regularly. And now I'm blogging about wasting time, which is obviously the best solution...

Goal: be in bed by 5 AM. Wish me luck.

[Also, Watchmen comes out this weekend! Who's excited?!]


Elisa Lehto said...

Apparently, I'm DENSE and never bothered to learn the rest of the words. *sigh* If only I had.... that last verse would have been handy.

Knee socks, they never stay up
The long you wear them,
The shorter they get,
Sometimes I think about anklets
But something inside me says, "Oh no, not yet!"

Girl Scouts, they never are quiet
The longer you're near them,
The louder they get
Sometimes I think about muzzles
But something inside me says, "Oh no, not yet!"

KelseyK said...


That is FANTASTIC. And definitely just made my week. :)

Thanks Biscy!