25 February 2009

(Drumroll, Please!) Presenting the Collegiate Laundry Challenge!

What you do:

DON'T do laundry for two months. Well, all you're allowed is two subsistence loads (subsistence load: your dirty jeans, and enough underwear and socks to make it until you have to do another of these loads).

What you'll discover when you finally do all (and I mean all) of your laundry at the end of the Challenge:

All that clothing you forgot you had? And all that clothing you thought you'd lost or left at home over break? It's really just in your laundry basket! It's like going shopping, but without spending any money! (This is great when you don't have a job/don't have time for a job - unless someone wants to pay me for blogging... Oh wait, that's right... Never mind.)

What you win:

Clean, nice-smelling clothes! Unfortunately, $4.50 will be taken out of your Tech Cash account for the three loads of laundry you have going simultaneously on three different floors, not to mention the time you have to take out of your day to sort, launder, and fold all of that laundry. On the night before a p-set is due (no, it really couldn't wait another day).

Moral of the story:

Having to do laundry sucks. I mean, I did my own laundry most of the time at home anyway, but it's slightly more painful here at college. I have to spend money on laundry that I could have spent on food (no, really, that $4.50 could have been a bagel and juice tomorrow morning), and I have to go to a million different floors so I can do multiple loads at one time. Also, letting it build up for two months is a REALLY BAD IDEA. I think I almost broke my laundry basket because it was so full. So kids, learn from my terrible mistakes and do your laundry!


Joanna said...

I am quite familiar with the collegiate laundry challenge. Except my subsistence loads don't include pants. Which isn't a problem at farm school until I'm on the plane home for winter break and I realize just how stinky I am.

NoOoSa said...

To be honest, I do my laundry once every two weeks, and I have 4-5 loads every time lo0o0ol!!!