12 February 2009

A Biology Nerd's Holiday

[Again, I will have a real post coming soon! I just couldn't pass this up!]


As a complete and total nerd for biology, today is a pretty fantastic day. It's Darwin's 200th birthday... I might just dust off my copy of The Origin of Species and do some light reading today. Oh wait, p-sets are killing me. Just kidding.

The Origin of Darwin (New York Times article)


Joanna said...

It's also Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

I thought you might be interested in this next bit:

Joel Salatin is speaking at my school's commencement this spring. I just found out today. I'm super pumped.

KelseyK said...


That's badass! I guess the governor of Massachusetts is speaking at MIT's commencement this spring, which is pretty sweet as well...

Elisa Lehto said...

I have to admit it, Brain.
I'm a lil bit disappointed that you didn't post anything for Oregon's birthday. I mean, we're officially 150 this year and nothing?? Ouch.

Sigh. You're becoming more and more an MIT girl everyday. And less and less an Oregonian.

KelseyK said...

Hey BG, I did an entire RADIO show dedicated to Oregon's 150th birthday... And I did post about that... Sorry I didn't post on the day of, I was busy. :(

And I will ALWAYS be an Oregonian!