16 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

It's my brother's 15th birthday today! In honor of this, I naturally have to post cutesy baby pictures of him that I just know he will appreciate. Okay everyone, on the count of three... Awwww!

I would just like to point out that this kid is now a good five inches taller than I am. I would also like to point out that I am sort of thankful I'm not going to be on the roads back home - Jesse can officially get his permit now.

In other news: IAP is in full swing here. I still have a concussion, and it hurts a lot. I finally have access to the darkroom in the student center, and I finally managed to make a decent print with a negative that I was having some difficulties with. And now I need a nap.

[Happy Birthday, Jesse!!!]

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fuzzywombat103 said...

Are you still thinking about coming up to Vermont? I guess there's not much of January left, but both next weekend and the one after that work for me.