21 October 2008

I Smell Like A Hog Farm

Hello from America's heartland!

We toured a hog farm and a grain elevator today. It was awesome (my favorite part was the grain elevator) but now I smell like a hog farm. We all smell like a hog farm.

Take 14 people that smell like hogs and put them in a 15-passenger van.

It doesn't exactly smell fantastic.

This trip is going well though! Chicago was amazing, though I had to work on stuff through most of it so I missed the Chicago Board of Trade and the Sears tower. We're back in Indianapolis now, and our competition starts tomorrow! I'm beginning to get a little nervous, but we always pull through in the end so I think we'll be all right and do really well!

Okay, I'm off to go memorize my parts for our presentation! I'll post some pictures later this week, if I have some time (free time? such a strange concept...).


Aditi said...

Good Luck!
You'll do great

Beat Georgia :D

fuzzywombat103 said...

There are two girls from Sterling at the convention right now! One of them is named Katie Connor. She's from Alaska and has hair that's quite long but about the same color as yours. The other is Olivia Zukas. I don't remember where she's from but she has medium brown hair and she's small... yeah. You should find them. I told Katie to look for you. (Also: good luck!)