22 October 2008


Today, it begins.

We start the National FFA Agricultural Communications contest here in Indianapolis, and I am beginning to get a little nervous. I was just reminded that this will be my last-ever FFA contest, so I'm a little sad, but a little excited to make it a good one!

Our room is littered with empty Denny's to-go trays from 2 AM and there are papers and notecards everywhere with random things on them regarding natural disasters and Associated Press editing marks. We've been memorizing our presentation, frantically cutting from our speeches to make time, and plotting to win. This room is a disaster, and we've only been here one night - frenzied last-minute work will do that!

I won't give updates for the next couple of days, mostly because I'll be concentrating on competing. In fact, I really should be working on perfecting my "big hair" right now with a can of hairspray rather than blogging. Results will be announced Friday evening at a dinner, so that's when I will blog next!

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